The Best Surf Camping in Costa Rica

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There are certain activities and places that most likely come to mind when you think about Costa Rica, and surfing is probably one of them. Costa Rica has long been a premier surfing destination for intermediate to experienced surfers. The country has also gained a reputation for being a great location for beginner surfers and for those interested in attending a surf camp or retreat; there are waves for every level in Costa Rica.

Iguana Surf Camp

Iguana Surf Camp is located in the famous surf town of Tamarindo. With rave reviews and a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, Iguana Surf Camp is a top choice if you’re interested in attending camp in Tamarindo. Tamarindo is a perfect beach if you want to learn how to surf, or to take your surfing to the next level. Iguana Surf Camp has three different camp options: a three-, five-, or seven-day camp without accommodation, a 10-day camp with luxury condo accommodation, or a surf and stay at Iguana Surf camp package. All three options include unlimited board rentals, daily surf instruction, and video and photo analysis.

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Del Mar Surf Camp

Del Mar Surf Camp was originally just for women, but is now open to anyone who is interested in learning to surf or improving their surfing skills. Del Mar has a CST (Certificate of Sustainable Tourism) and is approved by the Costa Rican Tourism Board. Maria Del Mar started Del Mar Surf Camp in 2001 to share her passion for the sport and for the beauty of Costa Rica. It was the first surf camp in the country to be run by a Costa Rican woman. This camp is located in Nosara; she has another one in Popoyo, Nicaragua. You can choose from a surf and yoga camp, a surf and Spanish camp, a surf and pilates camp, or a customized surf package.

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